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Changes of proteins during superchilled storage of Atlantic salmon muscle (Salmo salar)


Changes in protein stability in relation to ice crystals development in salmon fillets during superchilled storage were studied. Due to the significant differences in ice crystal sizes observed in our previous studies, the protein solubility was analysed separately, at the surfaces and centres of the superchilled samples. The water-soluble proteins were stable for the entire storage time. The salt-soluble proteins in the superchilled samples were stable for 1 week of storage. The salt-soluble proteins were significantly decreased at day 7 and 14 of the centre and surface of the superchilled samples, respectively. In contrast, the salt-soluble proteins were significantly increased at day 21 both at the centre and surface of the superchilled samples. These findings are significant for the industry because it provides valuable information on the quality of food in relation to ice crystallization/recrystallization during superchilled storage.

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The authors are grateful to the Research Council of Norway (RCN project number 178280) for its financial support. We also acknowledged the NTNU SeaLab for giving access in their laboratory for the tissue processing and microscopic analysis experiments and Department of Biotechnology at Norwegian University of Science and Technology for analyzing water and salt-soluble proteins.

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• Water and salt protein solubility during superchilled storage were analysed

• The development of ice crystals and protein solubility were studied

• The water-soluble proteins were stable for the whole storage time

• Salt-soluble proteins were stable for 1 week of storage

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