Journal of Food Science and Technology

, Volume 49, Issue 6, pp 721–728

Effects of modified atmosphere packaging on quality of ‘Alphonso’ Mangoes

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DOI: 10.1007/s13197-010-0215-x

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Ramayya, N., Niranjan, K. & Duncan, E. J Food Sci Technol (2012) 49: 721. doi:10.1007/s13197-010-0215-x


Postharvest quality of Alphonso mangoes (Mangifera indica L) is vital to ensure proper ripening and good quality. 500 g mature green mangoes, were subjected to three pre- packaging hot water dips (20, 30 & 40°C) for 40 min, two packaging films (OPP unperforated and perforated), using three levels of gas concentrations of 25,50 and 75% v/v CO2 treatments (balance N2) and stored at 10°C for 21 days. During the storage period headspace gas composition, weight loss, ascorbic acid, pulp firmness, external fruit colour and overall quality score were measured to determine optimum storage conditions. The most effective postharvest condition was found to be dipping in water maintained at 40°C for 40 min, followed by packaging under 50% CO2 in bags made of unperforated film when compared to mangoes packed under 25 and 75% CO2 which showed deteriorated quality including spoilage and mould. Good keeping quality of at least 21 days was achieved under these conditions, which was much superior to the control samples that showed deterioration after 12 days of storage.


Alphonso mango Modified atmosphere packaging Carbon dioxide Quality Postharvest Hot water treatment 

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  1. 1.Department of Food and Nutritional SciencesUniversity of ReadingReadingUK
  2. 2.Paragon FlexibleGainsboroughUK

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