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Recent advances in drying and dehydration of fruits and vegetables: a review

  • V. R. Sagar
  • P. Suresh Kumar
Review Article


Fruits and vegetables are dried to enhance storage stability, minimize packaging requirement and reduce transport weight. Preservation of fruits and vegetables through drying based on sun and solar drying techniques which cause poor quality and product contamination. Energy consumption and quality of dried products are critical parameters in the selection of drying process. An optimum drying system for the preparation of quality dehydrated products is cost effective as it shortens the drying time and cause minimum damage to the product. To reduce the energy utilization and operational cost new dimensions came up in drying techniques. Among the technologies osmotic dehydration, vacuum drying, freeze drying, superheated steam drying, heat pump drying and spray drying have great scope for the production of quality dried products and powders.


Superheated steam drying Heat pump drying Fruits and vegetable dehydration Freeze drying Spray drying Pulsed electric field 


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