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Measurement independence, parameter independence and non-locality

  • Iñaki San PedroEmail author
Original Paper in Philosophy of Physics


In a recent paper in this Journal San Pedro (2012) I formulated a conjecture relating Measurement Independence and Parameter Independence, in the context of common cause explanations of EPR correlations. My conjecture suggested that a violation of Measurement Independence would entail a violation of Parameter Independence as well. Leszek Wroński (2014) has shown that conjecture to be false. In this note, I review Wroński’s arguments and agree with him on the fate of the conjecture. I argue that what is interesting about the conjecture, however, is not whether it is true or false in itself, but the reasons for the actual verdict, and their implications regarding locality.


Common causes Measurement independence Parameter independence Nonlocality 



I would like to thank Miklós Rédei and Mauricio Suárez for helpful comments and remarks on a previous version of this note. Financial support is gratefully acknowledged from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, project FFI2011-29834-C03-01, and from the Basque Country regional government’s, Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture, project IT644-13.


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  1. 1.Department of Logic and Philosophy of ScienceUniversity of the Basque Country, UPV/EHUDonostia-San SebastiánSPAIN

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