Journal of Cancer Education

, Volume 33, Issue 2, pp 485–486 | Cite as

Mentoring: Giving Forward While Giving Back

  • Georgia Robins Sadler

No one gets there alone. Virtually everyone has been mentored, either formally or informally. Some mentors have been have been outstanding, others have been good, a few have been awful, and a couple have been downright crushing to the soul and spirit. With all of that positive and negative personal experience gained while interacting with our own mentors, it becomes fairly easy to begin to develop one’s own individual view of what makes a truly great mentor, as well as some ideas of how to emulate them.

We start by identifying the best of a mentor’s styles and characteristics, and add them to what we appreciate in other mentors. As we take on the form and substance of our mentors, we begin to develop our very own mentoring style. Through trial and error, we test, adapt, practice, and use our acquired mentoring skills.

Eventually, we realize that we have moved into the role of mentor to others and along the way, we have begun creating our own personalized version of what a mentor should...


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Dr. Sadler is supported by NCI grants R25CA132699 and 5P30 CA23100.

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  1. 1.Department of SurgeryUC San Diego School of MedicineLa JollaUSA

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