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Connecting Hearts and Minds to Transform Lives

  • Joseph F. O’DonnellEmail author

The title for this editorial comes from our website at the Geisel School of Medicine (our school “Dartmouth” was re-named for Dr Theodor Suess Geisel and his wife Audrey) and this phrase represents our “committment”....what we stand for. Dr Suess intended that his last book “Oh the Places You’ll Go” [1] would be a message to all that “we can and must do better” [2] and indeed, we can and we must. And connecting hearts and minds to transform lives is a good way to do it. It might be the credo of the great cancer educator!

In these pages, I have often cited the work of one of my great gurus, Dr Parker Palmer, and his thoughts about how we can and must do better in education [3, 4]. Palmer has taught me and as I wind down as editor, I want this to be one of the most enduring messages you hear from me, that as cancer educators, in order to to be most effective, we must pay as disciplined attention to the education of the heart and soul as we do to that of the head and the hand. This may...


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