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Minority Stress in Older Portuguese Gay and Bisexual Men and Its Impact on Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction


By 2050, the elderly population is expected to represent more than one third of the Portuguese population. Previous research demonstrated a significant increase of the LGB population in this age group, and that the needs of these individuals are not being addressed. Elderly LGB people, as both a sexual minority and an older age cohort, are particularly vulnerable to double stigma. The aim of this study was to evaluate how minority status of gay/bisexual men and its association with other psychosocial variables may affect sexual and relationship satisfaction. The sample was recruited online and composed of 110 gay/bisexual men aged 60 years or older (M = 63.5; SD = 3.41). Regression analyses showed that both the concealment of sexual identity in recent years and self-stigma significantly affected sexual and relationship satisfaction. In contrast, age-related discrimination was not associated with sexual satisfaction or relationship satisfaction. Gay and bisexual elderly men in this study tended to maintain their sexual identity hidden from others, possibly due to a lack of openness of the Portuguese society to accept homoaffective behavior. Implications for future research are discussed.

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