Table 3 Codes for available tactics

From: “What Should I Do?”: Young Women’s Reported Dilemmas with Nude Photographs

Code Definition Example
What should I do? (WSID) In these stories, young women express confusion about how to respond i dont know what to do
Refuse In these stories, young women report saying no to requests for photographs. May include stories where refusal was unsuccessful my boyfriend always says send him a nude pic of me i just say to myself i won’t
Comply These are stories in which young women report complying with requests for photographs i always get called or text for phone sex or pics i hate it but i do it tho
Alternative tactics Stories which report alternative approaches to sending photographs—may include delaying response, sending someone else’s photographs, offering something else instead of photos, etc. He sent a nude picture of myself and excepted me to send one back, so I went on the internet and looked up “naked brunette girls” and used those.