Table 2 Types of inducement codes

From: “What Should I Do?”: Young Women’s Reported Dilemmas with Nude Photographs

Code Definition Example
Desire Stories in which girls report sending photographs because they enjoy it I usualy only [send pictures] to people i trust or that i don’t know at all. I just love the sensation.
Personal gain Stories in which girls report they send photographs to either gain or prevent the loss of a romantic relationship or social status I sent a picture too a boy i really liked. He asked for it and I was hoping maybe he would like me if I sent it too him.
Asked Stories in which girls are asked or told to send photographs i was talking to this guy, and he asked me to send him nudes, and i did
Relational scripts Stories in which partners use relational scripts to gain access to photographs. This may include promising a relationship upon receipt of photographs, using stories of what “other girlfriends” or past girlfriends do, or use of comments like “you would if you loved me,” “I love you,” “you know I’d never send them out,” or “here are mine, now show me yours” well....i have this boyfriend n he always asks me to send him nude pictures n if i dont he thinks that i dont love him n i really do when i comfronted him about it he said he do love me
I’m 17 and my 19 yr. old boyfriend tries to guilt me into sending pictures of my ***** and says things like “but it’s me” “you can trust me”
Bombarded Stories that report being asked “always” or by “everyone” for photographs i like this guy but he always wants nude photos..
everytime i try talking to a new guy, it starts off with the cute text then it goes on to the sexy pictures..
Coercion These stories report the use of pressure or other tactics to gain access of photographs. Tactics may include pressure, anger, threats, ignoring no, or the use of friends
Exclusion criteria: Does not include the use of relational scripts
my bf preaused me for hours to send him pictures of me naked. now he threarens to send them out if i dont send hin more really nasty pics.