Table 1 Codes for young women’s dilemmas

From: “What Should I Do?”: Young Women’s Reported Dilemmas with Nude Photographs

Code Definition Example
Interpersonal negotiations Reports actual interactions or thought processes about being asked for or sending photographs to a peer pls help me. i rlly like this guy, but he uses me. always tlks bout sex, and that he wnts pics, gettin mad when i dnt. he reads all my txts, and if i hang out or tlk to another guy, he gets RLLY mad at me. advice, wht do i do? im so confused..: /
Consequences Reports potential or actual negative consequences of sending photographs, including concerns about legal consequences, unintended audiences, mass distribution, reputational harm
May also include stories contemplating punishing someone else through the distribution of photographs
A guy sent a naked picture of me to the whole school including the principal and my parents then everyone who got it sent it their phonebooks which resulted in about 300 plus people having my naked body on their phones.
Self-concept Stories reporting or questioning identity or self-concept in response to being asked for or sending photographs. May include questions about body image, identity, social labels (prude, slut), etc. I’m have a lot of frnds but I’ve sent 40+ topless pictures. I have a ridiculously low self esteem.