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Using Technology, New Media, and Mobile for Sexual and Reproductive Health

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype around teenagers. The notion that teens are too busy texting and Twittering to be engaged with traditional media is exciting, but false. To develop the best strategy around teens and media, start by challenging popular assumptions about teens—(The Nielsen Company 2009).


In the USA, Internet and mobile technologies have become integrated into our lives. An entire generation has grown up with new channels for gathering and sharing information and connecting with friends and like-minded people. This article will describe some of the technologies that are popular with youth today, together with case examples demonstrating how technology is being used for sexual and reproductive health. It concludes with advice for professionals in the field to stay abreast of new media and online and mobile technology while maintaining integrity, accuracy, and authenticity of voice to communicate effectively with youth around maintaining lifelong sexual health.

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Levine, D. Using Technology, New Media, and Mobile for Sexual and Reproductive Health. Sex Res Soc Policy 8, 18–26 (2011).

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  • Mobile technology
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