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A Data-Driven Approach for Vehicle Relocation in Car-Sharing Services with Balanced Supply-Demand Ratios


To reduce the vehicle relocation rate considering relieving disequilibrium of the supply-demand ratios across regions for car-sharing systems, in this paper, we propose a data-driven optimization framework by integrating the non-parametric learning algorithm and two-stage stochastic programming modeling technique to address the one-way station-based car-sharing relocation problem. In contrast with the most existing work that deals with demand uncertainty using predefined probability distributions, the learning-based framework is capable of handling demand uncertainty by learning the intrinsic pattern from large-scale historical data and computing high quality solutions. To validate the performance of our proposed approach, we conduct a group of numerical experiments based on New York taxicab trip record data set. The experimental results show that our proposed data-driven approach outperforms the parametric approaches and deterministic model in terms of business profit, relocation rate, and value of stochastic solution (VSS). Most significantly, compared with the deterministic approach, the vehicle relocation rates are reduced by approximate 80%, 70% and 40% under small fleet size, medium fleet size and large fleet size, respectively. In addition, the VSS of our approach is more than 3 times higher than the one of Poisson distribution by average.

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