Factors influencing organic foods purchase intention of Indian customers


These days, consumers are more inclined towards a healthy lifestyle. They understand the quality of food intake directly affects their health. Consuming organic food is a good option available to them. India being a big producer of organic food has started showing interest towards consumption of organic food. Understanding of consumer is very important for marketers for the holistic growth of organic food market. The aim of this study is to comprehend the key factors affecting purchase intention of the Indian organic customers. This study has used a semi-structured questionnaire on 200 organic customers and proposed a research model. The data analysis has used confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and identified that all the indicating variables have reflected their underlying constructs. After undergoing CFA, it is also established that the acceptable fit to the data has been reflected by the measurement model. Moreover, path analysis was used to check the predicted causal relationship among the latent constructs (structural model). Contribution to the sustainable environment is the target of mature organizations. The proposed relationship model for purchase intention may help organization dealing in an organic food market.

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  • Sustainable products
  • Organic food
  • Subjective norms
  • Perceived risks
  • Purchase intention