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Discretization and antidiscretization of Lorentz norms with no restrictions on weights


We improve the discretization technique for weighted Lorentz norms by eliminating all “non-degeneracy” restrictions on the involved weights. We use the new method to provide equivalent estimates on the optimal constant C such that the inequality

$$\begin{aligned} \left( \int _0^L (f^*(t))^{q} w(t)\,\mathrm {d} t\right) ^\frac{1}{q} \le C \left( \int _0^L \left( \int _0^t u(s)\,\mathrm {d} s\right) ^{-p} \left( \int _0^t f^*(s) u(s) \,\mathrm {d} s\right) ^p v(t) \,\mathrm {d} t\right) ^\frac{1}{p} \end{aligned}$$

holds for all relevant measurable functions, where \(L\in (0,\infty ]\), \(p, q \in (0,\infty )\) and u, v, w are locally integrable weights, u being strictly positive. In the case of weights that would be otherwise excluded by the restrictions, it is shown that additional limit terms naturally appear in the characterizations of the optimal C. A weak analogue for \(p=\infty \) is also presented.

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The authors would like to thank the anonymous referees for their remarks and suggestions, which have led to improvements of the final version of the article.

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Křepela, M., Mihula, Z. & Turčinová, H. Discretization and antidiscretization of Lorentz norms with no restrictions on weights. Rev Mat Complut 35, 615–648 (2022).

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  • Rearrangement-invariant spaces
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