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Characterizations of variable exponent Hardy spaces via Riesz transforms



Let \(p(\cdot ):\ \mathbb R^n\rightarrow (0,\infty )\) be a variable exponent function satisfying that there exists a constant \(p_0\in (0,p_-)\), where \(p_-:=\hbox {ess inf}_{x\in \mathbb R^n}p(x)\), such that the Hardy–Littlewood maximal operator is bounded on the variable exponent Lebesgue space \(L^{p(\cdot )/p_0}(\mathbb R^n)\). In this article, via investigating relations between boundary values of harmonic functions on the upper half space and elements of variable exponent Hardy spaces \(H^{p(\cdot )}(\mathbb R^n)\) introduced by E. Nakai and Y. Sawano and, independently, by D. Cruz-Uribe and L.-A. D. Wang, the authors characterize \(H^{p(\cdot )}(\mathbb R^n)\) via the first order Riesz transforms when \(p_-\in (\frac{n-1}{n},\infty )\), and via compositions of all the first order Riesz transforms when \(p_-\in (0,\frac{n-1}{n})\).


Hardy space Variable exponent Riesz transform  Harmonic function 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 42B30 Secondary 47B06 42B35 42B25 


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  1. 1.School of Mathematical SciencesBeijing Normal University, Laboratory of Mathematics and Complex Systems, Ministry of EducationBeijingPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Department of MathematicsIbaraki UniversityMitoJapan

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