Table 2 Information for parents on virtual classroom activities for kindergarten

From: The Coronavirus Pandemic and Lessons Learned in Preschools in Norway, Sweden and the United States: OMEP Policy Forum

Kindergarten remote learning schedule
If you are not able to access a hard copy of an activity, your child can complete the work on paper or you can make a video of your child explaining the work and submit via email. Here is the link for those who cannot attend the real-time Zoom meeting:
Link Google document with 24 slides detailing parent–child activities for 5 days. Additional links within slides provide information and materials about the literacy and math activities in the plan.
Plan for Monday 5/18/2020
Morning message (slide 2)
Links provided in the slide (1) letter to parents explaining the importance of reading fluency, what reading fluency is, why it is important; (2) link to a reading passage (at the dentist) for the child to read with parent’s support; (3) additional information to parents on the importance of repetition and reading practice
Materials at the dentist handout (optional)
Nothing to submit to teachers
11:00–11:30 Break—offline practice your child’s sight words, math flashcards, or work on guided reading
11:30–12:15 Reading group and materials (slide 22)
Links provided in the slide a commercial digital library used by the school and each class. Each child has a mailbox with assigned books for guided reading with the parent, as well as reading comprehension questions
Nothing to submit to teachers
Writer’s workshop (slide 3)
Links provided in the slide (1) explanation for parents on ideas and skills behind the ‘How-to write stories’ workshop; (2) video of teacher reading the storybook, ‘Everyone can learn to ride a bicycle’; (3) worksheet for a child to draw and/or write his/her own story; (4) word recognition sheet of important words associated with ‘how to’ stories (e.g., first, next, later, lastly)
Materials explanation about writing ‘How-To’ stories; writing paper OR lined paper; List of transition words (optional); and a pencil