Table 1 Virtual classroom activities for preschool

From: The Coronavirus Pandemic and Lessons Learned in Preschools in Norway, Sweden and the United States: OMEP Policy Forum

Zoom Lessons May 18, 2020: high scope/key developmental indicator (KDI) D: language, literacy, and communication
Activity/key developmental indicator Description/material ideasa
Monday decorate your letter
Key developmental indicator
#27. Concepts about print: children demonstrate knowledge about environmental print
Vocabulary initial, letter, outline
Questions What is the first letter of your name? How will you decorate your initial? Could you decorate it in another way too?
Description children will decorate the first letter of their name using various art materials
Material ideas bubble letter of their first initial, writing tools, glue sticks, and various art materials such as stickers, scraps of paper, pom poms, feathers, etc.
Challenge activity decorate the rest of the letters in your name
  1. aMaterial ideas are just suggestions. Feel free to use whatever you have handy. When in doubt ask your child. They have great suggestions!