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Soil Organic Carbon Stocks across Hydrologic Schemes in Freshwater Wetlands of the Chi River Basin, Northeast Thailand


The role of freshwater wetlands as soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks has been well documented for temperate regions but less is well known in tropical regions. In this study, SOC stocks were compared within three different hydrologic schemes in six freshwater wetlands of the Chi River Basin in tropical Northeast Thailand. The SOC concentration exhibited a decrease with increased depth and significantly differed among the hydrologic schemes (9.15 ± 0.84, 8.66 ± 0.67, and 5.53 ± 0.49 g C kg−1 for the intermittently flooded zone, saturated zone, and permanently flooded zone, respectively). The SOC stocks at 50 cm depth were significantly highest in the intermittently flooded zone (69.05 ± 10.86 Mg C ha−1), followed by the saturated zone and the permanently flooded zone (66.06 ± 7.75 and 43.39 ± 5.83 Mg C ha−1, respectively). Total SOC stocks among wetlands ranged from 123.30 to 291.29 Mg C ha−1. These differences indicate the spatial variability of SOC within wetland locations and among wetlands. The study demonstrates an important ecosystem service of these wetlands as carbon stocks, and it will be useful for management and policy planning of the wetlands in the Chi River Basin.

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This work was financially supported by the National Research Council of Thailand (FY2018 Thesis Grant for Doctoral Degree Students). Partial support was also provided by the Science Achievement Scholarship of Thailand (SAST). The authors were grateful for field and laboratory assistance supported by Benchawan Nahok and Chavanut Jaroenchaiwatthanachote. We would like to thank Adrian R. Plant and Jolyon Dodgson, native English speakers, who helped check the language in the manuscript. We sincerely thank the reviewers for their helpful comments, which contributed to improving this article. Finally, we thank everybody, who kindly helped during the preparation of the manuscript.

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Chanlabut, U., Gomontean, B. & Srifa, A. Soil Organic Carbon Stocks across Hydrologic Schemes in Freshwater Wetlands of the Chi River Basin, Northeast Thailand. Wetlands 40, 377–389 (2020).

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  • Mekong
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