Table 1 Climate variables and corresponding validation data. Those listed as “land” or “ocean” are single-level fields over their respective regions

From: Climate Change Projection in the Twenty-First Century Simulated by NIMS-KMA CMIP6 Model Based on New GHGs Concentration Pathways

Variable Domain Acronym Validation data
2 m air temperature global TAS CRU, ICOADS, NOAA, ERA-Interim
Total cloudiness global CLT CERES
Surface downwelling shortwave flux in air global RSDS CERES
Surface upwelling shortwave flux in air global RSUS CERES
Surface downwelling longwave flux in air global RLDS CERES
Surface upwelling longwave flux in air global RLUS CERES
TOA outgoing shortwave flux global RSUT CERES
TOA outgoing longwave flux global RLUT CERES
TOA cloud radiative forcing longwave flux global CRFLT CERES
TOA cloud radiative forcing shortwave flux global CRFST CERES
Precipitation global PR CMAP, GPCP
Sea level pressure ocean PSL ICOADS
Surface upward sensible heat flux ocean HFSS ICOADS, OAFLUX
Surface upward latent heat flux ocean HFLS ICOADS, OAFLUX
Surface skin temperature land TS ERA-Interim
200 hPa zonal wind global U200 ERA-Interim
200 hPa meridional wind global V200 ERA-Interim
200 hPa air temperature global T200 ERA-Interim
850 hPa zonal wind global U850 ERA-Interim
850 hPa meridional wind global V850 ERA-Interim