Anterior neck lipoma — A giant predicament


Though lipomas are one of the commonest mesenchymal tumours in adults, a lipoma of the head and neck region is relatively rare. Among those lipomas that develop in the neck, the posterior triangle is the most common location; occurrence in the anterior triangle is very rare. Though most lipomas are <5cm in size, giant lipomas >10cm have also been reported in different parts of the body. Giant lipomas of the neck, particularly those >20cm, are extremely rare. Most patients of giant lipoma of the neck either present with complaints of cosmetic disfigurement or features of compression on deeper structures. Most lipomas do not pose any diagnostic dilemma. However, when a patient presents with a large, rapidly progressing lipoma of the head and neck region, the possibility of malignancy should be kept in mind. Surgical excision remains the treatment of choice.

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