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Multiple mycobacterial splenic abscesses and skin involvement, in an immunocompetent person

  • Case Report
  • Published:
Hellenic Journal of Surgery


Splenic abscesses by mycobacteria in an immu-nocompetent person, is a rare clinical entity. We report a case of multiple mycobacterial splenic abscesses and skin involvement in a 70-year-old male and emphasize the importance of thorough examination. The patient presented to the hospital with prolonged fever and pain in the left upper quadrant. Abdominal ultrasonography and the CT scan showed various areas of mixed echo density in spleen, suggesting many small abscesses. The patient was initially treated with three antibiotics which seemed to resolve the symptoms temporarily. Ten days later, however, the inflammation was reactivated. The patient underwent a splenectomy. Splenic lesions, as well as lesions on the dorsal side of both hands, revealed atypical mycobacteria on Ziehl Neelsen stain. However, cultures failed to grow mycobacteria. The patient was successfully treated with a triple antimycobacterial regimen.

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