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Stent therapy in a patient with colorectal cancer stage IV



Stage IV colorectal cancer (CRC) is usually incurable. Asymptomatic patients can either receive surgery followed by chemotherapy, or can start chemotherapy immediately. In patients with symptoms of bowel obstruction, the options are palliative surgery or placement of a stent. The available chemotherapy regimens show high response rates and can significantly prolong survival. As compared to surgery, placement of a stent allows chemotherapy to be started immediately.

Case report

Herein, we illustrate this concept of therapy on a 54-year-old patient with stage IV symptomatic CRC and extensive metastases. A colon stent was placed and chemotherapy was initiated within two weeks.


Despite disease progression, the patient did not develop bowel obstruction over the following 13 months, was hospitalized for only 27 days and maintained a good quality of life.


This remarkable clinical course was enabled in part by non-invasive stent placement and early initiation of chemotherapy within two weeks of diagnosis.

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