Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry

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Abstracts of the 25th Congress of the European Intestinal Transport Group

11th–14th April 2013, Bad Herrenalb, Germany

Abstracts of invited talks

Invited talk 1:

Feeding the developing GI tract: the importance of early life nutrition

Bouritius H

Baby Nutrition R&D, Danone, Wageningen

Just after birth, the GI tract of a newborn infant experiences full enteral nutrition for the first time. Except a few sips of amniotic fluid the digestive system hardly had to swallow, mix, digest, transport, or absorb any nutrition before. Although only limited information is available about this very sensitive period in human GI tract physiology, it is known that many processes are still in a developing state during the first years of life. Immune function, gut microbiota, intestinal permeability, motility, and gut–brain interactions are important aspects in this context, but also the digestive capacity of stomach and small intestine is subjected to big changes. Some studies have shown that several of the digestive enzymes are scarcely present in the neonate and need months to reach mature levels.

This very sensitive...

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