Complete mitochondrial genome characterization of the alligator pipefish Syngnathoides biaculeatus and phylogenetic analysis of family Syngnathidae


The alligator pipefish Syngnathoides biaculeatus (Bloch, 1785) is one of the heavily traded and expensive ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. In this study, the complete mitogenome of S. biaculeatus was determined. The mitochondrial genome of S. biaculeatus was 16,480 bp in length. It contains 13 protein coding genes (PCGs), 2 rRNAs (12S rRNA and 16S rRNA), 22 tRNA genes, one origin of replication (OL) and a non-coding control region (D-loop). The overall base composition is 29.71, 28.39, 26.53 and 15.37% for A, T, C and G, respectively. Phylogenetic tree analysis suggests S. biaculeatus was placed as a sister relationship to the the leafy seadragon Phycodurus eques with high statistical support. This work provides fundamental molecular data of S. biaculeatus, which will be beneficial to species identification, genetic differentiation and further management and conservation in this species.

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This work was financially supported by the Project of Quality Guarantee System of Chinese Herbal Medicines (No. 201507002-4).

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Zhu, L., Chen, M., Cheng, R. et al. Complete mitochondrial genome characterization of the alligator pipefish Syngnathoides biaculeatus and phylogenetic analysis of family Syngnathidae. Conservation Genet Resour 11, 401–404 (2019).

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  • Syngnathoides biaculeatus
  • Mitochondrial genome
  • Syngnathidae family
  • Phylogenetic tree