Synergistically Enhanced Electrocatalytic Stability of Pt Catalyst Supported by Doped Porous Carbon Nanostructure for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

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In proton exchange membrane fuel cells, the utilization of supporting materials for Pt-based catalysts is an effective approach to improve the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) performance. In this study, a doped porous carbon (DPC) as a support was prepared with polyaniline as the main carbon source, iron nitrate nonahydrate as a metal doping source, and dicyandiamide as a nitrogen doping source in the presence of 20 nm silica bead as a template. The carbon support showed fairly high specific surface area (~ 740 m2 g−1), well-defined pore structure, and a proper nitrogen doping (~ 4.9 at.%). The Pt cathode catalyst deposited on the doped porous carbon using an NaBH4 reduction method (Pt/DPC) exhibited significantly improved ORR performance in the half and single cells, compared with the conventional carbon-supported Pt catalyst. The superior ORR stability of Pt/DPC may be as a result of the particular interaction between Pt catalyst and DPC support as a doped carbon.

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This research was financially supported by the Technology Development Program to Solve Climate Changes of the National Research Foundation (NRF) funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT (NRF-2017M1A2A2086648).

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