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Table 4 Predictors (hypothesized are in italics) of change in outcome variables: F values of fixed effects in mixed linear models analysis

From: Introspective Interest and Insight in the Context of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: a Randomized Trial

  Perceived stress Quality of life Negative affect Positive affect
Time   44.63*** 3.88#  
Group (within cohort) 3.18*   1.57#  
Education   8.24**   7.77**
Accepting 26.90*** 36.10*** 16.73*** 20.50***
Interest 21.95*** 3.77# 6.23*  
Insight   4.81*   15.09***
Group×time 1.66 12.21*** 8.92** 7.72***
Age×time    3.06#  
Interest×time 1.76    
Interest×group 4.17**    
Observe×group   7.39**   
Insight×group   5.13*   
Interest×time×group 2.38#   1.62  
  1. Effects included in the complete models were the variables group (nested within cohort for perceived stress), time, age, sex, education and use of psychotropics, Interest, Insight, observing, accepting and acting with awareness, and including all two- and three-way interaction effects with group and time. Depicted here are the effects remaining in the final model including only the hypothesized three-way interaction (Interest×Time×Group) and its lower-order interactions and main effects and any other significant effects ***p < .001; **p < .01; *p < .05; #p < .10 (not Bonferroni corrected)