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Sowing the Seeds of Mindfulness: Experiences from the Israeli Desert Mindfulness Clinic

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The author would like to thank Professor Jacob Raz, former Head of East Asia studies at Tel Aviv University, for his continuous teachings, guidance, love, and support, and for setting me on the path of personal Zen practice and Dharma teaching. Prof. Ze’ev Kaplan, Head of Be’er Sheva MHC, has enabled the Desert Mindfulness clinic to be established and to continue flourishing through his vision and courage, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity he has given me and for his ongoing support and protection of the mindfulness clinic. I would also like to thank my wife, Laura, for her encouragement, love, and assistance, both in writing this article and in our daily living, and to Dod Aharon, for his endless love, faith, and support. Thanks also to all my fellow Dharma brothers and sisters, teachers; students, and clients, who, one way or another, have touched me through my work at the mindfulness clinic. A special thanks to Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn for paving the mindfulness way and for his inspiration for this article following his visit in Israel.

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Arbel, O. Sowing the Seeds of Mindfulness: Experiences from the Israeli Desert Mindfulness Clinic. Mindfulness 5, 217–219 (2014).

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