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Vitamin B12 Hydrophobic Derivative Exhibits Bioactivity: Biomedical and Photophysical Study

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Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) and some of its hydrophilic derivatives are used as antidotes and also to treat megaloblastic anemia, nerve myelination disorders, and liver pathology. This work presents results of a comparative experimental study of cyanocobalamin and its derivatives aquacobalamin and heptamethyl ester of cyanoaquacobyrinic acid. In a model of thiosemicarbazide seizures in rats, aquacobalamin contributed to a lengthening of the seizure latency period while cyanocobalamin contributed to a decrease in the seizure latency period and to a decrease in seizures. Histological study of the brain samples showed that all investigated compounds exhibited an antispasmodic effect as well as neuroprotective and myelinating effects. For the first time it was shown that a derivative of vitamin B12, which has hydrophobic substituents—heptamethyl ester of cyanoaquacobyrinic acid, also exhibits biological activity and, therefore, is of interest for further research. Analysis of changes in the electronic absorption spectra recorded during the interaction of aquacobalamin with thiosemicarbazide indicated possibility of direct interaction of thiosemicarbazide with aquacobalamin.

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This work was financially supported by the grant of the Russian Science Foundation (N20-12-00175), Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology; synthesis of compounds was supported by a grant of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science (FZZW-2020-0008).


This work was financially supported by the grant of the Russian Science Foundation (N20-12–00175), Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology; synthesis of compounds was supported by a grant of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science (FZZW-2020–0008).

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The protocol of study was approved by the Biomedical Ethic Expert Committee of Ivanovo State Medical Academy (protocol #2 of 12 February 2020) under the institutional and the international ethical guidelines. Injections and care were given in accordance with standard recommendations of veterinary practice by qualified personnel with additional checks for health and welfare of the animals.

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