Analysis of Natural Convection Bionanofluid Between Two Vertical Parallel Plates

  • Ahmad Hajizadeh
  • Nehad Ali ShahEmail author
  • F. D. Zaman
  • I. L. Animasaun


In this paper, natural convection flow of non-Newtonian bionanofluid flow between two vertical flat plates is considered. Sodium alginate (SA) is considered the base non-Newtonian fluid, and nanoparticles such as titania (TiO2) and alumina (Al2O3) were added to them. Analytical solutions for temperature and velocity field are determined by means of integral transform (Laplace transform) method. The influences of some physical parameters non-dimensional velocity and temperature profiles are graphically underlined.


Natural convection Bionanofluid Laplace transform Vertical plates 



The fluid velocity [LT−1]


The fluid temperature [K]


The acceleration due to the gravity [LT−2]


The density of the nanofluid [ML−3]


The thermal expansion coefficient of the nanofluid [K−1]


The dynamic viscosity of the nanofluid [ML−1T−1]


The dimensional heat generation/absorption coefficient [WL−3K−1]


The specific heat of the nanofluid at constant pressure [L2MT−1K−1]


The thermal conductivity of the bionanofluid [WL−1K−1]


The distance between plates [L]


The nanoparticle volume fraction

f and s

Fluid and solid particles, respectively


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  • Nehad Ali Shah
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  • F. D. Zaman
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  • I. L. Animasaun
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  1. 1.FASTUniversity Tun Hussein Onn MalaysiaParit RajaMalaysia
  2. 2.Public Authority of Applied Education and Training, Applied Science DepartmentCollege of Technological StudiesShuwaikhKuwait
  3. 3.Department of MathematicsLahore Leads UniversityLahorePakistan
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