Surface Modification of Al5456/BNi-2 Composite by Pulsed Laser Surface Treatment


Effect of pulsed laser surface treatment (PLST) on 5456 aluminum alloy/BNi-2 (nickel-based alloy) composite was investigated. Surface of the Al alloy was initially reinforced by BNi-2 powder via friction stir processing. Later, PLST was employed to promote proper reaction condition between the reinforcement and the matrix. The effects of laser power density and laser pulse distance on the microstructure, hardness and bending strength of the weldments were studied. BNi-2 particles mostly reacted with the matrix after PLST, leading to the precipitation of Al3Ni and Al9Ni2 in situ intermetallic compounds (IMC), while some others remained intact. Intact particles were increased toward the bottom of the fusion zone. As a result of the reactions, a new IMC/Al5456 composite was formed, having higher hardness. The composite possessed enhanced yield strength and reduced ultimate strength.

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  • Aluminum alloy
  • BNi-2 powder
  • AMC composite
  • Friction stir processing
  • Laser surface treatment