Determination of an Optimized Submerged Entry Funnel (SEF) Configuration for Beam Blank Mould

  • Antariksh GuptaEmail author
  • Rajeev Kumar Singh
  • Nirmal Pradhan
  • Rajeev kumar
Technical Paper


A three-dimensional mathematical model is validated and established for studying the fluid flow inside a beam blank mould. Comparison of the model result with results available in public domain is done to validate the numerical analysis technique. Flow characteristics of a 430 mm × 350 mm × 90 mm beam blank mould have been studied with five different SEF configurations, namely (a) straight bore, (b) 2 ports–no central bore, (c) 2 ports–1 central bore, (d) 3 ports–no central bore and (e) 3 ports–1 central bore. The mould flow analysis with different SEFs reflects that with straight bore SEF, problem of inactive meniscus is dominant. Both types of 2-port SEF’s flange region experiences a high impact velocity from incoming steel jet. The 3-port SEF without central bore leads to high velocities on both the flange and web region. The 3-port SEF with central bore is found to satisfy all the mould flow criteria and suggests a stable mould fluid flow.


Beam blank mould CFD SEN geometry Fluid flow analysis Casting 



The authors would like to thank the management of IISCO Steel Plant, SAIL, and RDCIS, SAIL, for granting permission to publish this document.


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  1. 1.Research and Development Center for Iron and SteelSAILRanchiIndia
  2. 2.IISCO Steel Plant, SAILBurnpurIndia

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