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Optimization of Micro-milling Parameters Regarding Burr Size Minimization via RSM and Simulated Annealing Algorithm


In micro-machining process, there are a lot of factors that affect formation of burr along micro-component’s edges. Therefore, finding suitable machining parameters significantly reduces the burr size in micro-products. In the current work, experimental investigations have been performed to study effects of micro-milling parameters (i.e. cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut) on burr height and burr thickness of the micro-grooves of 316 stainless steel in up milling and down milling operations. The aforementioned factors were varied over their working ranges while other parameters such as tool material, tool condition, lubrication etc. were kept constant. Here, experiments were designed and conducted based on three factors-three levels face centered central composite design. The response surface methodology (RSM) and analysis of variances were applied on generated data to correlate empirical relationships between micro-milling parameters and burr characteristics. Further, the developed RSM models was then associated with principal component analysis and simulated annealing to minimize burr characteristics in both up-milling and down-milling processes, simultaneously. According to optimization results, spindle speed of 15,000 RPM, feed rate 5 mm/tooth and depth of cut of 0.15 is the most optimal factor combination that causes minimum burr sizes.

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Bhup :

Burr height in up milling

Btup :

Burr thickness in up milling

Bhdown :

Burr height in down milling

Btdown :

Burr thickness in down milling


Response surface methodology


Analysis of variances


Spindle speed

F :

Feed rate


depth of cut


Scanning electron microscopy


Principal component analysis


Simulated annealing


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