Structure Property Correlation in Barium Zirconate Titanate–Barium Calcium Titanate Piezoelectric Ceramics


Lead-free piezoelectric ceramics barium zirconate titanate–barium calcium titanate [(1 − x)BZT − xBCT] (x = 0.5) have been prepared by sol–gel synthesis. The structure and piezoelectric properties were investigated for the given BZT–BCT system. The as-synthesized powders were calcined at 1,000 °C and pressed into cylindrical pellets. Solid-state sintering was carried at temperature of 1,550 °C for 2 h which resulted in a complete perovskite structure. Hysteresis loops were obtained for the BZT–BCT sintered pellets indicating its ferroelectric nature. The bulk ceramic samples were subjected to electrical poling and the piezoelectric properties were measured. The effect of microstructure on the piezoelectric properties of BZT–BCT ceramics is correlated for the given composition is discussed in this paper.

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The authors acknowledge the financial support from the School of Engineering Sciences and Technology at the University of Hyderabad. The help extended Dr. A. R. James of CCG at DMRL Hyderabad and Mr. Karthik T. of IIT-Hyderabad in carrying out the piezoelectric measurements is greatly appreciated.

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  • Piezoelectric
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