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Historical shoreline trend analysis and drivers of coastal change along the Ravenna coast, NE Adriatic

  • Oxana SytnikEmail author
  • Laura Del Río
  • Nicolas Greggio
  • Jarbas Bonetti
Original Article


One of the most important aspects of coastal zone management is the analysis of shoreline dynamics. Over the last years, beaches of the Ravenna coast (NE Italy) experienced large modifications, in some places narrowing or even being completely lost, thus threatening tourism, coastal assets and nature. Coastal erosion has direct consequences for Ravenna tourist-based economy, which largely depends on the attraction provided by sandy beaches. In this study, long-term (> 50 years) coastal analysis was used to identify the sectors along the coast where the shoreline position has changed, either advancing or retreating. Shoreline changes were measured on GIS environment by means of Digital Shoreline Analysis System (DSAS) extension. Net Shoreline Movement (NSM) and Linear Regression Rate (LRR) strategies were employed to examine shoreline variability and reveal erosional/accretional trends. The results show that significant shoreline changes affected the entire coastal region, with most of the study area under retreat, mainly in the most valuable tourist assets of the littoral. The effects were found to be worsened by impacts of land subsidence, presence of harbor infrastructure and deficit in sediment budget. A simple shoreline classification was performed over the DSAS results and cross-checked with local knowledge of the area. The measurement of erosion or accretion rates in each studied segment is found to be useful for land use planning and coastal management plans, especially regarding the prediction of future shoreline positions. Especially important is the potential of the classification to identify areas of significant position change, with current and future implications for the design of sustainable shoreline management and mitigation measures.


Coastal erosion Retreat Accretion Spatial analysis DSAS 



This work was performed in the frame of Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate in Marine and Coastal Management (MACOMA), an initiative of the European Commission. The authors would like to acknowledge the support of Integrated Geoscience Research Group (IGRG), Ravenna, Italy and Department of Earth Science, University of Cadiz, Spain. The authors would like to thank Prof. Giovanni Gabbianelli and Fondazione Flaminia for providing satellite and aerial images used in the study. This work is a contribution to project ADACOSTA (CGL2014-53153-R, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) and to the research group RNM-328 of the PAI (Andalusia Research Plan).


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  3. 3.Laboratory of Coastal Oceanography (LOC)Federal University of Santa CatarinaFlorianopolisBrazil

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