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Jupiter’s effect on Earth’s climate


This paper deals with cyclical effect of Jupiter on Earth’s climate. The period of Earth’s interaction with Jupiter and of its effect on the position of Earth’s orbit is approximately equal to 11.86 years and the Earth’s temperature seasonal fluctuations is equal to 12 months. Modeling indicates that the superposition of large planets’ (mostly Jupiter) that effect Earth’s climate should result in the modulation of seasonal temperature fluctuations of ±2.5 °C with the total period of 12 years. The real climatic fluctuations in the near-surface areas of Earth are modified first of all by the Sun’s revolution around the center of mass of the Solar system, as affected by the gravitational pull of large planets (Jupiter and Saturn).

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The help extended by Academician MV Gorfunkel is greatly appreciated by the authors.

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  • Earth’s climate
  • Jupiter’s effect
  • Temperature fluctuations