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Morphosedimentary analysis of the Limoeiro Stream (center-northern Minas Gerais State, Brazil): clues to the eastward tilting of southern Espinhaco range sites

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The morphosedimentary evolution of a sector of the southern Espinhaco range (northern Minas Gerais State, Brazil) and its regional neotectonic setting are presented herein. The studied site is a stream at base level flowing along the western border of the range. Its identification was accomplished by using remote sensing techniques including the analysis of 3D slope models generated with shuttle radar topography mission images. The main geomorphological features of the identified site were surveyed in a 1:500 scale. In addition, seven stratigraphic logs are described. A regional geologic compilation and facies diagrams were used as a basis for the integration of the geomorphological and stratigraphic data, which produced some conclusions about the recent tectonic reactivations at the eastern border of Sao Francisco Craton. The results point to a local eastward tilting of the Espinhaco range. This fact is in accordance with previous findings in neighboring areas and results in the asymmetric evolution of the fluvial valley, as well as the regional relief.

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Correspondence to Claudio E. Lana.

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Fig. 1 The Velhas River basin in relation to the Sao Francisco Craton, Aracuai Belt and the three main regional morphostructural domains. Adapted from Alkmim and Marshak (1998) and Moura (2000) (TIFF 17842 kb)


Fig. 2 Geologic map of the studied site. Modified from Moura (2000). Original mapping scale of 1:250.000 (TIFF 11359 kb)


Fig. 3 Block diagram of a hemi-graben and its main sedimentary and morphologic features. Adapted from Leeder and Gawthorpe (1987) and Miall (2006) (TIFF 4258 kb)

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