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Kinetics of liver regeneration in donors after living donor liver transplantation: A retrospective analysis of “2/3rd partial hepatectomy” model at 3 months



Right lobe living donor (2/3rd partial hepatectomy) model is the best way to accurately study liver regeneration process in human beings. We aimed to study the kinetics of liver regeneration after 2/3rd partial hepatectomy in donors.


Retrospective analysis of prospectively maintained volumetric recovery data in donors was performed in 23 donors, who underwent 29 contrast-enhanced computed tomography within 3 months for various clinical indications.


The absolute volumetric growth percentages were as follows: 37.60 ± 21.74 at 1st week, 92 ± 53.27 at 2nd week, 115.55 ± 59.65 at 4th week, and 110.79 ± 64.47 at 3 months. On sub-group analysis of our cohort, we found that 4.3%, 17%, 30.4%, and 39% donors attended ≥ 90% volumetric recovery at 1st, 2nd, 4th week, and 3 months, respectively. One patient at 4th week revealed 128% volumetric recovery. There was one more patient who exceeded original total liver volumes (TLV) (111% of TLV) at 2.5 months. The serum bilirubin and INR values peaked at postoperative day (POD) 3rd and then started showing a downward trend from POD 5th onwards.


Our study is the first to document complete volumetric recovery in donors as early as 3 weeks. Two of the donors overshot their original TLV during the early regenerative phase.

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We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to Dr. Agrima Gera, Dr. Nilesh Gumardhar, and Mr. Rahul Jadhav for their support till completion of this article.

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Study concept and protocol design, and initial draft for manuscript: SS and VK, data collection, and volumetric recovery data analysis; SS, SM, SS and KY. Critical revision of manuscript and intellectual content: SS, AC, VV, SK, and VK.

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Correspondence to Shailesh Anand Sable.

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