Celiac disease suspected at endoscopy in patients with chronic liver disease

  • Rakesh Kochhar
  • Usha Dutta
  • Amit Miglani
  • Suraj Bhagat
  • Kuchhangi Sureshchandra Poornachandra
  • Kim Vaiphei
  • Chander K. Nain
  • Kartar Singh
Short Report


Endoscopic findings of celiac disease have high specificity and sensitivity. We evaluated records of 137 consecutive patients who had endotherapy for variceal hemorrhage, and who had features of celiac disease at endoscopy; patients who had such markers at endoscopy had undergone duodenal histology and serology. Thirty-one patients had changes of portal hypertensive vasculopathy in the duodenum, 8 had scalloping, and 6 had mosaic pattern; 3 patients also had decreased fold height or sparse folds in the descending duodenum. Six of these 8 patients had positive serology and histology suggestive of celiac disease. Endoscopic evaluation resulted in diagnosis of CD in 4.37% patients of chronic liver disease undergoing endotherapy.


Celiac sprue Cirrhosis Gluten enteropathy 


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  • Kuchhangi Sureshchandra Poornachandra
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  • Kim Vaiphei
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