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Primary Ewings Sarcoma of Body of Mandible, Multimodal Treatment with Excellent Spontaneous Bone Regeneration: a Case Report


Ewings sarcoma is an invariable manifestation in facial bones. Primary lesions in head and neck region had come up with better prognosis compared to other primary sites; hence, management of such jaw lesions is a challenge particularly in pediatric patients during first decade of life as functional impairment and facial disfigurement may affect the quality of life. Here, we are discussing a unique case of primary lesion of horizontal region of mandible with special focus on use of radiation therapy, radiation dose-related effects and spontaneous bone regeneration.

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  • Primary Ewings sarcoma
  • CD 99
  • Segmental mandibulectomy
  • Radiotherapy, Spontaneous bone regeneration
  • Secondary sarcomas