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Long-Term Dislocation of the Mandible: Is there an Algorithm to Success? Intraoperative Decision and Review of Literature

  • Alberto Cuevas Queipo de LlanoEmail author
  • Florencio Monje Gil
  • Raúl Gonzalez García
  • Laura Villanueva Alcojol
  • David Gonzalez Ballester
Review Paper



Long-term TMJ dislocation is a rare condition. It occurs when an acute luxation remains untreated in time.


A 52-year-old man presented with a long-term TMJ luxation in the context of Steinert’s disease. A discectomy together with condylectomy and eminectomy was performed, obtaining an adequate reduction of the luxated condyle and disc.


Twelve months after the operation, the condition has not recurred at all. A stable and centred occlusion was checked; his MIO was over 30 mm.


The combination of these three techniques could be a good option in cases of Steinert’s myotonia, where the condyle luxation becomes chronic and irreducible due to the altered neuromuscular condition. There is still no consensus regarding the treatment for long-term TMJ dislocations. New and more solid studies may be needed in order to find adequate treatment protocols for this condition.


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