Intrusion of anterior teeth to improve smile esthetics

  • Deepak ChandrasekharanEmail author
  • S. M. Balaji
Prospective Study


A gummy smile is probably one of the most common causes of an unaesthetic smile. Causes include overeruption of maxillary anterior teeth and maxillary vertical excess. Intrusion of maxillary anterior teeth with Orthodontics and Le forte I superior repositioning may form a part of the solution. Of late the use of micro implants have improved the smile esthetics of borderline surgical cases by allowing the Orthodontist to intrude teeth more than what was possible with conventional Orthodontics.


Gummy smile Intrusion Micro implants 


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  3. 3.Dept. of OrthodonticsSree Balaji Dental College and HospitalPallikaranai ChennaiIndia

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