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Osseotite implants inserted into fresh frozen bone grafts



In the last decade, several investigators have reported that double etched implants have achieved excellent results. However, no report regarding double etched implants inserted into fresh frozen bone is available.


We planned to perform a retrospective study on double etched implants inserted into fresh frozen bone grafts.

Setting and design

28 patients (17 females and 11 males with a median age of 52 years) were operated on and 114 double etched implants inserted. Implant diameter and length ranged from 3.25 to 5.0 mm and from 10.0 to 15 mm, respectively. Implants were inserted to replace 14 incisors, 5 cuspids, 47 premolars and 48 molars.


Since only 4 out of 114 implants were lost (i.e. Survival Rate SVR = 96.5%) and no statistical differences were detected among the studied variables. The type of prosthetic restoration (i.e. fixed prostheses) correlated with a statistically significant lower delta Implant Abutment Junction (i.e. reduced crestal bone loss) and thus a better clinical outcome.


Double etched implants inserted into fresh frozen bone had a high survival and success rate similar to those reported in previous studies of two-stage procedures in non-grafted bone, although a higher marginal bone loss has to be expected when removable prosthetic restorations are used.

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