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A secure IoT sensors communication in industry 4.0 using blockchain technology


Industrial IoT in the advancement of organizations consigns to the next level in order to trace and manage every single activity of their entities. However, the interdependence, implementation and communication among such wireless devices also known as IoT devices that lead to various secrecy and personnel concerns. Even though the use of smart sensors in industries assists and reduces human efforts with the increased quality besides of enhanced production cost. Several attacks may further encountered by various attackers by hacking several sensors/objects/devices activities. In this paper, in order to preserve transparency and secure each and every activity of smart sensors, we have proposed a secure wireless mechanism using Blockchain technology that stores extorted proceedings of each record into number of blocks. Further, the simulation results of proposed blockchain mechanism are executed against various security transmission processes. In addition, the simulated results are scrutinized besides traditional mechanism and verified over certain metrics such as Probability of attack success, ease of attack detection by the system, falsification attack, authentication delay and probabilistic scenarios to appraise the authenticity of IoT devices.

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