Advanced ambient intelligence system informatics

  • Tin-Chih Toly Chen
Original Research

Ambient intelligence (AmI) is a vision in which an environment supports the people inhabiting it in an unobtrusive/transparent, interconnected, adaptable, dynamic, embedded, and intelligent way. The traditional computer input and output media disappear, and instead processors and sensors are integrated into everyday objects. We can communicate with our clothes, household devices, and furniture, which in turn may communicate with each other and with the clothes, devices, and furniture of other people. AmI is one of the most important advances in computer technology in the mobile era.

Informatics involves the practice of information processing, and the engineering of information systems. AmI system informatics is fundamentally interested in the application of information, information systems, and information and communication technologies within AmI systems of various forms including smart home, smart factories, smart shops, mobile guides, virtual tours, ubiquitous health care systems,...

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  1. 1.Department of Industrial Engineering and ManagementNational Chiao Tung UniversityHsinchuTaiwan

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