The impact of the pitching motion on the structure of the vortical flow over a slender delta wing under sideslip angle


The primary purpose of this investigation is to observe the effect of the pitching motion on the vortical flow structure and bursting of leading-edge vortices over a delta wing under the sideslip angle, β using a dye visualization technique. In the current work, a delta wing with a sweep angle of Λ = 70° was oscillated in upstroke and downstroke direction to be able to discover the influence of pitching motion on the flow characteristics of the delta wing. The values of mean angles of attack were selected as αm = 25° and αm = 35°, and the sideslip angle was altered from β = 0 to 16°. The delta wing oscillated with the various periods of Te = 5 s, 20 s, and 60 s, respectively. Amplitude of motion was adjusted as αo =  ± 5°. It is found that the pitching motion of the delta wing under the sideslip angle β varies the location of the vortex bursting and vortical flow structure substantially.

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This study was supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) under contract number of 114M497 and Scientific Project Office of Çukurova University under contract number of FYL-2016-6283.

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  • Sideslip angle
  • Slender delta wing
  • Pitching motion
  • Reduced frequency
  • Vortex bursting