This Special Issue includes twenty papers selected from the Scientific Committee of the NAXOS 2018 6th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management (https://www.naxos2018.uest.gr) that took place in Naxos Island, Greece from 13 to 16th June 2018 and was well attended by more than 550 participants from 78 different countries.

After the successful implementation of the ATHENS 2012, the ATHENS 2014, TINOS 2015, CYPRUS 2016 & ATHENS 2017 International Conferences, the NAXOS 2018 6th International Conference of Sustainable Solid Waste Management was also a significant conference event strengthening the links of our “conference family” dealing with research on solid waste and finding solutions in the field of waste management and circular economy. The new concept of this conference was the emphasis given to waste management in remote and isolated areas like islands. The conference agenda was rich and dense, offering a considerable variety of topics presented through more than 450 presentations within the twenty-six different oral sessions and the extensive poster session throughout the conference duration at the Cultural Center former Ursuline School in the beautiful island of Naxos.

The selected high-quality papers presented in the NAXOS 2018 Conference that are included in this Special Issue of Waste & Biomass Valorization cover various areas, such as composting, anaerobic digestion, waste valorization, biotechnology and management of specific waste streams. They present scientific attempts and initiatives from all over the world so as to succeed in making better use of potential resources and waste materials, using biological, bio-chemical or thermal processes, applying biotechnology and setting up biorefineries.

The NAXOS 2018 Conference was organized within the LIFE + PAVEtheWAySTE project (LIFE14 ENV/GR/000,722) (https://www.pavethewayste.eu). This LIFE project facilitates the implementation of the Waste Framework Directive in remote areas, by enabling regional and local authorities to improve their municipal waste recycling performance and, thus, pave the way to high resource efficiency. This is achieved through the development and application of an financially feasible solid waste management plan, based on the demonstration of an innovative system (green kiosks) for the fine separation of municipal solid waste at source. The Municipality of Naxos and Small Islands and the Municipality of Ancient Olympia constitute the implementation field. The participants of the NAXOS 2018 conference also had the opportunity to get familiar with the developed green kiosks.

Of course, we would like once again to express our gratitude to Prof. Ange Nzihou, the Editor-in-Chief of WASTE & BIOMASS VALORIZATION for providing us with the opportunity to publish this Special Issue, the fifth Special Issue of this Journal within our conference series on sustainable solid waste management. Starting from 2014, we are happy to note that every year WAVE has a higher impact factor and we hope that we have also contributed to the success and increasing prestige of the journal.

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