Methods to Determine the Interactions Between the Biomass and the Pellet Channel During Biomass Pelletizing Process

  • Yu WangEmail author
  • Yu Sun
  • Kai Wu
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This paper proposed a method to determine the interactions between the biomass and the pellet channel wall during biomass pelletizing process. The interactions involved four parameters including the inner pressure, prestressing pressure, friction force, and sliding friction coefficient. Models to describe the relationship between the circumferential strain of the external channel wall and the four parameters were developed based on the analysis of the stress in a single pellet channel. Based on these models, a device was developed in the form of a single pellet unit with strain gauges. With this device, experiments were conducted based on a variable-controlling approach to investigate the effects of particle size, compression velocity, and moisture content on the four parameters. Three types of biomass materials including wood shavings, wheat straw, and rice straw were involved in the experiment. Results showed that the four parameters were not constants and needed to be determined for each specific situation. Furthermore, the friction force reached the maximum, and the inner pressure reached the minimum when the moisture content was within the optimal range. The proposed method was effective and feasible.

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