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Recent Achievements in the Production of Biogas from Microalgae

  • Enrica UggettiEmail author
  • Fabiana Passos
  • Maria Solé
  • Marianna Garfí
  • Ivet Ferrer


Microalgae are nowadays regarded as a potential biomass feedstock to help reducing our dependence on fossil fuels for transportation, electricity and heat generation. Besides, microalgae have been widely investigated as a source of chemicals, cosmetics and health products, as well as animal and human feed. Among the cutting-edge applications of microalgae biomass, anaerobic digestion has shown promising results in terms of (bio)methane production. The interest of this process lies on its potential integration within the microalgae biorefinery concept, providing on the one hand a source of bioenergy, and on the other hand nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and CO2) and water for microalgae cultivation. This article reports the main findings in the field, highlighting the options to increase the (bio)methane production of microalgae (i.e. pretreatment and co-digestion) and bottlenecks of the technology. Finally, energy, economic and environmental aspects are considered.


Microalgal biomass Anaerobic digestion Biogas Co-digestion Pretreatment 



Biochemical methane potential


Combined heat and power






Carbon dioxide


Chemical oxygen demand


Energy input


Energy output


Hydraulic retention time


Life cycle assessment


Life cycle costing


Long chain fatty acids


Organic loading rate


Scanning electronic microscope


Transmission electronic microscope


Volatile solids


Volatile fatty acids



Authors want to thank the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) for financial support to this project (CTQ2014-57293-C3-3-R). Fabiana Passos appreciates her Post-Doctorate scholarship funded by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) from the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Marianna Garfí is grateful to Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Spain) (Plan Nacional de I+D+i 2008-2011, Subprograma Juan de la Cierva (JDC) 2012). Enrica Uggetti is grateful to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for her scholarship (IJCI-2014-21594).


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