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Systematic studies of the (n, d) reaction cross sections at 14–15 MeV neutrons energy


A new semi-empirical formula for the calculation of (n, d) cross section at 14–15 MeV neutron energy is obtained. The Droplet model of Myers and Swiatecki used to express the (n, d) reaction energy and the compound nucleus formalism involved in the evaporation model allowed to establishment of this new formula. The systematic behavior of the various terms of the Droplet model involved in Q(n, d) was checked individually before choosing the pertinent terms and finding the final form of the formula. By fitting the experimental cross section available in EXFOR database with this formula, the free parameters of this formula were determined and the systematic of the (n, d) reactions was investigated. The predictions of the new formula are compared with those of the existing formulas and with the evaluated data library. The results show a better description of the (n, d) reaction cross sections in comparison with the formulas of the literature and with the Talys-based evaluated nuclear data library (TENDL).

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