Optical and electrical properties of a-AgSbS1.5Se0.5 chalcogenide thin films


AgSbS1.5Se0.5 films were deposited by e-beam evaporation technique onto clean glass substrates. The structural characterization of the deposited film was conducted using X-ray and transmission electron microscope techniques. The atomic percent of the constituent elements of the deposited films was investigated using energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry. The effect of thermal annealing on the structural and the optical properties of the deposited films has been studied. The transmission and reflection spectra of the deposited film were recorded in the wavelength range of 550–2500 nm. The refractive index, film thickness, and the optical absorption coefficient of the deposited film were successfully determined from the transmission spectrum employed the Swanepoel method. The dispersion of the refractive index was discussed in terms of Wemple–DiDomenico single oscillator model. Analysis of the optical absorption coefficient revealed a non-direct optical transition, where the optical band gap energy was calculated. Hot probe test revealed that the deposited films showed p-type conduction. The electrical properties of the deposited film have been studied during heating/cooling cycles in the temperature range 303–525 K, where the activation energy of the conduction was determined. p-AgSbS1.5Se0.5/n-CdS/ITO heterojunction solar cell fabricated in circular shape has been studied and the cell efficiency was evaluated.

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